Which polls to trust?

We’ve found at least two pollsters with very strange data (Strategic Vision and Research2000) but does that mean you should trust the polling organizations with data that appears normal?

The thing is, if one were to fake data (not saying anyone did), it wouldn’t be hard to do it so that it would be undetectable to our methods of analysis. People will realize this, and it would be a shame if the only lesson to come of this is how to fake data properly

Ultimately, we need the media publishing the reports to show complete transparency, to demand as much of the detailed data as possible, and to hold their pollsters to high standards.

Actually, this isn’t just for polling. All documents and media sources are possible to fabricate, so it’s important that it be as open as possible. No one will notice the flaws if it’s kept in the dark.

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2 Responses to Which polls to trust?

  1. Aaron Swartz says:

    I’m not sure the polling data will really be enough (although it’d certainly help). I think it’d be even stronger to require pollsters to tell us who they use for their call centers and other details like that.

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