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Nothing ever stays the same: week to week anomalies in R2K polls

Research2000 published political tracking polls, where they ask the same question, week after week. The results of such polls can be compared over time: From this, we can look at the change from week to week, and then count how … Continue reading

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Measurement vs. Estimation

This is a short post because I’m on field trip in rural texas, another post with graph and explanation will be up soon. In this statement, Research 2000 head Del Ali seems to state that he manually altered his polling … Continue reading

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Which polls to trust?

We’ve found at least two pollsters with very strange data (Strategic Vision and Research2000) but does that mean you should trust the polling organizations with data that appears normal? The thing is, if one were to fake data (not saying … Continue reading

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DailyKos Story

Detailed report: Posted today! Kos’ remarks: Posted right after! I’ll be putting up similar posts to the one below, to help explain long and boring things with pictures.

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Men and women having strange relationships

Pollsters keep track of the gender of the people they call. This means that any poll can be broken down into two polls with entirely separate sets of respondents. The private polling firm Research2000 reported the gender breakdowns for all … Continue reading

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Broken meters

News agencies are constantly reporting on polls and statistics. Often the same survey questions are asked week after week, and reporters give them back to us as if they were the pulse and pressure of the nation. But how are … Continue reading

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