We hope that others will verify our results, and come up with new ways to look at the same date.

So here we’ll post link to raw data sets that we used for our reports.

Research 2000 / DailyKos Weekly National Polls

This is the dataset we used for the post published at Daily Kos

This is a tab delimited text file, with “%” marking a comment line.
The details of the format are in the header comment.


– 795 questions spanning ~18 months, each question with crosstabs

*** Important Note: In our analysis, we threw out all questions that didn’t have exactly three possible answers, just to simplify things. This file contains other questions too. ***

*** Second Note: Questions with typos that caused the html parser to give answer %s that were not numbers, or were more than 2 digits, etc. were automatically tossed in our analysis ***


4 Responses to Data

  1. Nick says:

    You might want to consider providing this information in a spreadsheet format as well

    • J.J.E. says:


      If importing a regular and highly structured text file into Excel is a barrier to someone accessing this information, perhaps that person’s time would be better spent doing something other than data analysis.

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